Infrared thermometeris gaining popularity and is increasingly being used by doctors or parents at home. Despite the fact that a mercury thermometer is still actively used in measuring body temperature, infrared thermometers are gradually replacing the usual for many tools and confidently enter our lives. An infrared thermometer is not only a safer replacement for a standard mercury thermometer, but also helps to quickly measure the temperature and more quickly contact a medical facility. A mercury thermometer is not only unsafe for you and your child, but also in most cases shows inaccurate information, while children’s infrared thermometers in a few seconds will help identify the exact body temperature and do not pose a threat to others, are safe for the environment and subject to recyclable.

Benefits of an infrared thermometer

A non-contact thermometer is undoubtedly the right choice. The most important advantage, after the safety of this device, is that it does not require contact with the body, which helps to take accurate temperature measurement even for the youngest children. Also worth noting qualities such as:

  • economy of use of batteries;

  • affordability;

  • temperature measurement speed;

  • high measurement accuracy.

When choosing a thermometer, you should pay attention to the quality of the instrument and the equipment in which it is implemented. In order to make the right choice and purchase a quality device, you should delve into the question of choosing a thermometer and choose the model that fits your requirements.

Infrared Thermometers Medica +

Medica + is a leading home medical equipment company that operates according to Japanese standards. Each device released is the result of many hours of work by leading experts in the development of medical devices. Non-contact thermometers Medica-Plus is a guarantee of quality from the manufacturer. Buying thermometers of this brand, you can not worry about the durability of the devices. The company cares about the quality of the devices used by customers, so the main task of the brand is to improve the quality of materials from which products are developed.

Medica + sells only high-quality products that will last you for years and become assistants in maintaining the health of your entire family at home. The main objective of the company is to develop portable devices that will help bring home medicine to a new, professional level.

It is possible to purchase infrared thermometers from Medica + at the official points of sale of the company or on the website. Also, the device can be purchased from the official representatives of the company.

Non-contact thermometers are gaining popularity every day – which is not strange, because an infrared thermometer is an effective and completely eco-friendly device. This device works with infrared radiation. Families who decide to change the usual for all mercury thermometer are wondering – what is a contactless thermometer and what is its advantage over the usual methods of temperature measurement?

Contactless thermometer for children

Standard thermometers significantly impede the rapid measurement of temperature in infants and, importantly, often show not quite reliable information, which significantly affects the further treatment of the child. In this matter, non-contact thermometers will be the most advantageous alternative for a number of objective reasons:

  • The speed of measurement of body temperature. To accurately measure the temperature index, it takes only a few seconds of contactless measurement;

  • Ease of use. You no longer have to torture a child by holding a thermometer under your arm – measuring the temperature with a non-contact thermometer will not cause inconvenience to you or your child;

  • Environmentally friendly method. Unlike a standard thermometer, non-contact thermometers do not contain environmentally harmful mercury, which makes this method more environmentally friendly, because we all know that mercury thermometers, unfortunately, are not recycled;

  • Safe use and disposal. Many parents and people who care for older people experience feelings that during a sudden movement of a person a thermometer may burst or break, which will cause a number of problems associated with removing mercury from a room. In addition, there is no free access to the places where the old thermometer can be handed over, that is, the mercury disposal is not done as it should be – all these problems are solved by the purchase of a non-contact thermometer;

  • Thrift. The infrared thermometer for children works from ordinary finger-type batteries, with the active use of which they last for about 4-6 months. In home use, the batteries will last you from 1 to 2 years.

The advantages of using a contactless thermometer

It should be noted that in addition to the efficiency and environmental friendliness of the use of contactless thermometers, there is one important factor in the home medicine cabinet, which pushes many young parents to buy – this is the measurement accuracy. The fact is that no matter what controversial issues a non-contact thermometer would cause in the older generation, the fact remains that mercury thermometers often lie, just like inexpensive electronic thermometers. Unlike standard methods for measuring body temperature, the error of an infrared thermometer does not exceed 0.1-0.2C, which makes this method accurate and allows for better and faster treatment of both adults and children.

Another important factor that should immediately abandon the use of thermometers – is the wear of the package. A mercury thermometer eventually becomes non-hermetic and releases mercury vapors that affect the health of the whole family and children, which causes acute ailments and chronic diseases.

Infrared Thermometers from Medica-plus

The trademark Medica + is a trademark of high-quality devices for home and professional medicine, which specializes in the manufacture of measurement technology, including non-contact thermometers. The company’s success lies in high technologies of its products, which allows it to remain market leaders for many years.

Infrared thermometers are increasingly being used by young mothers to measure the temperature of infants. This is due to the fact that this method of measurement is non-contact and allows you to perform rapid temperature measurement without contact with the child’s body. The popularity of a contactless thermometer is due not only to the ease of use of the device, but also to the high functionality and environmental friendliness of the devices, which we will analyze in this article.


Benefits of using a non-contact thermometer for children


A contactless thermometer for children will be an excellent alternative to outdated methods, such as a mercury or electronic thermometer. This is connected with the fact that mercury thermometers are harmful to the health of others and at home, and electronic thermometers do not always show the correct information, which impairs the speed of treatment and the accuracy of diagnosis.


Why it is worth refusing from mercury thermometers:


  • Not environmentally friendly. Over time, mercury tends to penetrate through the holes of the thermometer creating vapors that affect air quality.

  • Recycling problems. Mercury thermometers are not disposed of, which causes enormous harm to the ecology of the entire planet.

  • Harm to the health of the baby. Using thermometers of this type, you expose your child to infection with skin infections, which are transmitted from adults who used them to the child, even if they are relatives.

Mercury is a potent poison. When using such a device with a child, a glass bulb may break due to a sudden movement of the child, which will lead to evaporation of mercury into the air and may cause serious vapor poisoning. That is why we strongly recommend getting rid of this method of measurement and choose a safe method – a contactless thermometer.


Why you should not buy an electronic thermometer


Although the electronic thermometer is safe for the environment, it still poses a risk to the health of your child, this is due to several reasons:


  • Low accuracy . Unfortunately, the accuracy of the measurement leaves much to be desired, so you should refuse such a method. The fact is that with the wrong measurement there is the possibility of incorrect diagnosis of the disease, and as a result, the wrong treatment, so you can unintentionally harm the child.

  • Unhygienic. As well as mercury meters, electronic models support measurement in the armpit or oral method, which can also lead to infection of the child with various infections, E. coli and other ailments.

Infrared thermometer for children


An infrared thermometer will be an excellent alternative to less effective options and will help you accurately and promptly diagnose diseases. Medica + is a brand of high-quality appliances for home and medical use, with which you will be able to conduct highly accurate and efficient measurement not only of body temperature, but also of room, drinks and water in the bathroom. Medica-plus is a quality technology at an affordable price that will last you for many years. The company produces only high-precision and high-quality devices for convenient, home use.

Temperature is one of the key indicators of the state of the human body, which is why it is very important to measure the temperature exactly in order to quickly begin treatment. The older generation has become accustomed to standard mercury thermometers and are reluctant to switch to newer methods of temperature measurement, such as a contactless thermometer, or an electric one. The fact remains that time goes on and medicine moves on. In this article we will help to understand the question of how to choose the right infrared thermometer for children and adults.


Infrared thermometer – principle of operation


In order to choose a high-quality thermometer, you should understand the principle of operation of this gadget, and it consists in the presence of sensitive elements that focus on the thermal radiation of the body and transmits them in our usual form on the device screen. A few words about infrared thermometers:


  • It is simple and reliable. The work speed does not exceed one minute, and the process itself does not require immobilization of a person, which speeds up and simplifies the measurement process;

  • Safety and environmental friendliness. The infrared thermometer does not contain mercury harmful to the environment and is disposed of like plastic, and the metals containing in the thermometer are recyclable, which makes it safe and environmentally friendly;

  • Reliability of measurement. Unlike obsolete methods like mercury thermometers, these thermometers always show accurate data.

Contactless thermometer for children will be a simple and interesting game, not a painful action. In addition to ease of use, hygienic use should be noted both at home and in medical institutions, because measuring the temperature with a mercury or electronic thermometer you can catch an infection, from a person who measured the temperature to you – such an incidence does not happen to an infrared thermometer.


Additional functions and temperature measurement methods


Non-contact thermometers make it possible to measure the temperature on different parts of the body:


  • an ear;

  • oral cavity;

  • rectal area;

  • frontal area.

In addition to the standard temperature measurement function, modern thermometers can measure not only the temperature indicators of the human body, but also measure the temperature of water, food, beverages and the room, which makes this device an extremely profitable acquisition and home helpers.


How to choose a thermometer


In order to make a really profitable purchase and buy a device that will last you for many years, you should know a few nuances and pay attention to items such as cost, performance, functionality and accuracy of measurement of the device.

Cheaper and less functional models are designed for home, rare use by adults. Often these thermometers are of inadequate quality and are made of cheap plastic and materials, which may soon bring the device into disrepair. More functional and expensive options will be an excellent solution and savings – it is cheaper to buy one high-quality device than a few short-lived ones.


Medica-plus is a leading company in the production of medical equipment for home use, specializing in the production of high-quality and functional models of non-contact infrared thermometers. Medica + is a professional home and medical medical equipment that makes your life easier and serves for many years.

So, as standard mercury thermometers still begin to fade into the background, the younger generation often has a question: what is the difference between the pyrometer and the thermometer we are used to? In order to choose a high-quality device that will meet all the requirements of your family, you should sort out this issue in more detail.


What is a thermometer

There are several options for the usual thermometer:


  • electric;

  • thermoelectric;

  • mechanical;

  • gas;

  • liquid.

The one we used to measure the level of body temperature, that is, mercury, is called liquid. This device measures heat by expanding the fluid that is contained inside the thermometer with increasing temperature. Mercury is the most commonly used liquid for measuring temperatures, unlike other liquids that have been studied in this area, it was mercury that gave the most accurate results. Such popularity is also due to the fact that mercury works up to a temperature of 40 degrees, it thickens and no longer usable.


What is a pyrometer

A pyrometer, also called a non-contact thermometer, differs from a thermometer in that, unlike a thermometer, it measures temperature using infrared radiation, which is why it is called an infrared thermometer. The principle of operation of this device is that it is an optical thermometer that measures the area at which the infrared beam was aimed. After measuring the temperature, the data is displayed on the instrument screen. Why choose this measurement method:


  • Non-contact thermometer for children . The best way to measure the temperature for young children, as it does not require contact with the body, is a fast, highly accurate method and prevents the child from being infected with skin infections;

  • High measurement accuracy. Unlike mercury thermometers and electrical devices, an infrared thermometer is highly accurate and has the lowest degree of measurement error, which helps to make a more accurate diagnosis and prescribe a quality treatment;

  • Environmental friendliness. This device does not contain heavy metals and mercury, which makes it possible to dispose of the device in an environmentally friendly manner after use and to eliminate mercury vapor poisoning.

    Non-contact thermometers Medica +

    Medica-plus trading company specializes in the manufacture of high-quality temperature measuring instruments, specifically contactless thermometers. The company’s product line includes multi-functional instruments with several functions, including air, beverage and water temperature measurement. They will become indispensable helpers for home medicine and caring for small children.