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Infrared Contactless Thermometer Medica-Plus Termo control 7.0


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Medica-Plus termo control 7.0
In the competition for consumer preferences, Japanese manufacturers have been able to hold the palm for many years. Not an exception and the area of ​​production of medical devices.
An improved version of the basic model Medica + termo Control 7.0 was created using the latest innovative technological developments, which is confirmed by both the external design and the functionality of the device.
The developers did their best and created a contactless infrared termo control 7.0, in which everything is thought out to the smallest detail. If you still used an old-fashioned mercury thermometer and expected results after 3-5 minutes, now with the newest Medica + you can see the figures in 0.5-1 seconds.
At the same time the modern ideal gadget does not require contact with the body to determine the temperature indicators of the human body. The state-of-the-art termo control 7.0 – a new generation of thermometers. The Medica + universal thermometer will be appreciated by parents, as you no longer need to slow down a sick baby to measure the temperature. Thanks to the contactless method, the baby will not experience discomfort in the process of temperature measurement.
The principle of operation of the device is to determine the body temperature, focusing on measuring thermal radiation emanating from the surface of the forehead. It is enough to bring the infrared termo control 7.0 in the forehead of the child and see the result on the LCD display in just a second.
The non-contact medicaplus model from the Japanese manufacturer is characterized by a high build quality, which makes it possible to completely eliminate high error when measuring temperature. A convenient ergonomic device is absolutely safe to use, because it is made using environmentally friendly hypoallergenic materials. In use, Medica + Infrared demonstrates:
• the lowest error rates are 0.1-0.3 degrees;
• easy-to-read results in the range from 32 ° C to 42.9 ° C on a bright LCD display;
• possibility to choose on the temperature scale of Fahrenheit or Celsius;
• automatic shutdown, after the appearance of temperature indicators on the LCD display, which saves battery power.
With all the advantages of a modern thermometer medicaplus is simple and easy to use, thanks to a competent constructive solution. The improved version of the thermometer is impressive, because now you have the opportunity, if you feel bad, to take the temperature as quickly as possible and respond in time to the symptoms of the disease that have appeared, in order to eliminate the possibility of complications. The user only needs to determine the appropriate mode of operation and bring the thermometer closer to the object.
Distinctive features of Termo control 7.0 A weighty argument for purchasing a universal device is not only its concise design, but also the presence in the list of functions for automatically saving the latest results, which is important if you need frequent measurement and control of temperature indicators. The advantages of using medicaplus also include the color of the screen, which varies depending on the results obtained. At the optimum temperature, the screen glows green, when it rises, it turns yellow, and at very high temperatures, the screen color turns red.


Medica Plus

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Thermometer Options:
1 x infrared thermometer
1 x Carrying Case
1 x user manual
2x Batteries


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