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JET NEBULIZER MEDICA + Breath Control Pro 7.0 (Japan)


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What are inhalations used for? To cure a particular disease that develops in the airways. Especially often they are used to treat young children who have very weak immunity and ARI or ARVI often affects their upper respiratory tract. Inhalation is also used for serious diseases.

First of all, the MEDICA + BreathControl Pro 7.0 inhaler is used to deliver the drug to various infected areas of the respiratory tract. Since it is impossible to place the drugs in liquid or solid form in the respiratory organs, turning them into a dispersed system can be sent to the area where the disease develops. Small particles easily penetrate the respiratory tract, providing a therapeutic effect and moisturizing them.

For the treatment of MEDICA + BreathControl Pro 7.0, you can use the widest range of drugs: from mineral water to strong drug solutions. A mechanical regulator to select the particle size allows you to choose the optimal mode of inhalation: large ones are inhaled with the mouth, and small ones with the nose. This inhaler is used both by children and their parents with different sensitivity of the mucosa.

Benefits of using MEDICA + BreathControl Pro 7.0 and its technical characteristics:

  • The nebulizer is made in a restrained style and with compact dimensions, which makes it possible not to take up too much space on the shelf, its dimensions: 175x175x100 mm.
  • Quiet and vibration-free., Noise level: <60dB.
  • Convenient nozzles for the nose and mouth – for adults and kids.
  • Helps relieve headaches and colds.
  • The spray rate reaches 0.25 milliliters per minute.
  • Volume of capacity for medicines: 7 ml.

Before using MEDICA + BreathControl Pro 7.0, be sure to consult a doctor to choose the treatment regimen of the desired type, and choose the right medication that can be used with an inhaler. An inhaler is also used to prevent various chronic diseases, such as bronchial asthma or allergies. As a result of using a nebulizer, sputum is excreted with the help of effective hydration of the respiratory tract.


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