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Percussion manual massager MEDICA + MassHand 5.0


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Percussion massager is an innovative massage instrument of a new type of directional vibration, lightweight, wireless and optimized for recovery. Designed for relaxation, treatment of painful muscle cramps and relaxation after intense training.

Four sets are included with the Medica-Plus MassHand 5.0 massager, which allows you to affect the muscles of your body in different ways. The round nozzle is more universal – suitable for massage of any partite, especially for massage of the abdomen. The conical nozzle is suitable for acupressure of the foot and deep study of trigger points. A flat round nozzle for a more gentle massage, works well on the buttocks. The plug-shaped nozzle is designed for deeper massage along the spine.

The Medica-Plus MassHand 5.0 percussion massager has 20 speeds, a charge indicator and a removable battery. Athletes using this massager know this in practice. Massages pain, wins time for various workouts. In addition, by dispersing blood in the muscles, you will get the opportunity to continue to work on them effectively. This is important for all people who like to engage in various sports.

With the help of a percussion massager, you can easily get rid of pain in the neck, shoulders or back, aching from a long work as a computer. This is much better than taking pain medication or suffering. How the Medica-Plus MassHand 5.0 Percussion Massager helps reduce muscle pain:

  • Blood flow increases, improving tissue nutrition and preventing oxygen starvation
  • The movement of lymph is activated, which carry away from the body toxins, poisons, toxins, decay products
  • Eliminates cramping and clamps that interfere with normal muscle movement
  • Muscle fibers gain strength and elasticity, quickly restore their performance
  • Trigger points are developed, reflex organs are affected

Specifications Medica-Plus MassHand 3.0:

  • Input power: 110-240V, 50 / 60Hz
  • Number of nozzles: 4
  • Material: plastic and silicone
  • Dimensions: 56 * 51 * 46cm
  • Weight: 600g

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